Smart Plug WIFI 16AMP

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Smart plug WiFi 16Amp

This IoT smart plug for home automation is very easy to install, set up, and use. Control any connected appliance, manually by the ON/OFF button on the smart plug or remotely by using Smart life application power by Tuya. Using smart life application you will be able to remotely switch the device ON/OFF, set timers, scenes, and scenarios. This smart plug works also by voice command through application smart life and smart speakers Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

This wifi smart plug can be connected to any appliance that consumes 16 amperes, Max (home automation). However This IoT smart plug comes in two models. the first model is the standard model where you can simply control the connected appliance. The second model has the power meter feature. With the power meter model, you are able to monitor the connected appliance power consumption in watts. Also with the power meter model, you will be able to monitor the power current voltage.

Smart plug Features

Again like all other IoT smart devices  that work with smart life APP you get access to many awesome features. Such as automation rules where you can set conditions and actions for any event. In other words, let’s say you want the plug to switch on when the sun rises and OFF on sunset. Also for instance you receive a notification when anyone switches the smart plug ON or OFF. With the home automation rules and scenarios, you can set up any event from geolocation to interaction events with simple steps.

Of course, as with all smart devices for home automation, this plug can interact and trigger action based on any other connected smart device. For instance, if the smart plug installed on the air conditioner and you have a smart temperature sensor, you can create an interaction to switch the smart plug on based on specific temperature. Another example, let’s say the smart plug is installed on a light and you have a motion detector installed so you switch the plug on when a motion is detected and the opposite.

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Weight 0.133 kg
Dimensions 9 × 5.7 × 5.7 cm
  • Restart state Same
  • Power consumption meter (voltage and watts)
  • WiFi connection
  • Max capacity 16 amperes
  • Flame resistant material
  • Scheduled, countdown, and repeated timer
  • Standalone
  • Application Smart Life
  • Share access control with members
  • Smart life Voice command
  • Works with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa
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