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Honeywell MK7120-31A38 Barcode Scanner


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At a low cost, it gives more control by manual scanning, thus adds to the effectiveness and profitability
Allows productive and precise reading of 1D barcodes
With laser scanning technology you don’t have to use any additional lighting as it works effectively in low ambient lighting conditions too
Perfect for applications that require direct association with a workstation or a notebook
20 scan line omnidirectional pattern: Provides aggressive scanning as an additional benefit to hand presentation applications
Sweet Spot Scanning: Engineered “sweet spot” to optimize scan performance and first pass read rate
Adjustable scan head: Ability to tilt scanner 30º for targeted scanning or larger products
Flash ROM: Protects POS investment with free firmware updates via MetroSet2 software and standard PC
Automatic Scanning Operation: Simply present a bar code and the unit scans in a single pass

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